The helpful hair & beauty marketing calendar template

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Do you ever feel like you have so much going on, so much that you want to share that you don’t know where to start. Instagram and Facebook are always the easy answer and you seem to get good results so do you really need anything else?

Maybe you are a planner and you already have your business plan, your marketing plan, your target audience and have clients lined up at the door (kudos to you if you do!). If you feel like you need a little direction and structure with planning your marketing activities throughout the year then our marketing calendar template is just for you (we’ve put a few local ‘Edinburgh’ events in here), if you would like a blank one to start from scratch, use this one instead!.

You’ll see we have included other options than just social media. Why? Simply because different people read (and do) different things. If you have a variety of the ‘marketing mix’ you will find that you attract (through targetting) different audiences and in turn this will help your business grow. If you measure your response this (something else we will go into in future) you can then establish where the best place to spend your valuable marketing funds.

The marketing calendar is really simple - choose:

  1. what you want to promote (book now for Valentines Day, early bird booking offer, 20% off etc),

  2. how you want to promote it

  3. when you want to promote it

  4. where you want to promote it.

  5. (we are assuming the ‘why you want to promote it’ is to drive business!)

A word of caution here - try not to over commit yourself! Chances are that if you do this you end up weary and don’t do any of it and become demotivated! Select a few areas that are important and do them well. If you don’t get the results you were hoping for, mix it up and try something else. Small tweaks can pay off.

We suggest you print this calendar off and put it somewhere that you see regularly as a good reminder!

Don’t forget if you have last minute cancellations, your clients like to know this - have a template ready to post this if you can!

If you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear what works (and what doesn’t!) for you!

5 ways to make a fantastic first impression!

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As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you don’t make a fantastic (positive!) first impression on a new client, chances are you won’t see them again and their first impression will also be their last.

Here are our top 5 suggestions on how to ensure the first impression is the first of many:

  1. Give them a warm welcome

    1. It goes without saying that all clients should be greeted with a warm and friendly hello accompanied by a smile. Use their name where possible.

    2. If you are running late, acknowledge the client - preferably in person and manage their expectations - if you are going to be another 15 minutes, let them know this and offer them a drink while they wait. If you cannot make it in person to do this, make eye contact and smile with an apologetic look! This simple gesture reassures them that you know they are waiting. Even better, if you can, text them before they arrive in the salon. So many people are rushed at the best of times and it can be very frustrating to sit in a salon waiting for your appointment when those 15/20 minutes could have been used elsewhere.

  2. Offer them a drink. Not just a ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’ but offer them something EXCITING! Look at the weather outside - is it hot? Offer them infused water or fresh fruit juice. If it’s cold, offer them a hot chocolate with marshmallows or a chai latte. Add some fruit on the side or something a bit different to the standard rich tea (yawn)! Take a note of what they like so you have it ready on their next visit.

  3. Engage with them during a professional consultation

    1. Ask them about their previous experiences - the good, bad and the ugly! Ask them for photos of their ideal style if they have any, ask them who’s hair they love (and don’t!)

    2. Repeat back what they have told you to reassure them you know what they are looking for

  4. During the treatment (if possible, ie a hair cut), have regular eye contact with your client. The mirror is there for the client so try not to look at yourself too much (trust me on this, I had a hairdresser who loved to look at herself in the mirror, making me feel like she was not paying attention to my hair cut!)

    Take the guide from them on if they are feeling in a chatty mood or not. Just because you are heading off on holiday and are excited about it does not mean they want to listen to this - look out for the signals, short answers and lack of eye contact tells you all you need to know!

  5. Ask for feedback. Genuinely. At the end of the appointment, ask how it was and if this is what they expected. Also ask if they have any comments or questions. Brits are prone to saying everything is great and then telling their friends later how they hated it!

    If a client is unhappy, chances are you won’t see them again anyway so it is better to ask for the feedback up front and fix anything at the time. The most loyal clients come from service recovery situations so make it comfortable for the client to share any concerns with you - this includes after they have left! Let them know if they have any questions or feedback over the coming days they can let you know, ie. ‘if you think you would like a couple more inches taken off, just let me know and you can pop back in’.

Once you have followed these 5 simple steps and have created the WOW! for your client, remember to ask them if they would like to book their next appointment. Let them know in advance of any busy periods so they can work around it. So many people are operating on auto-pilot and just assume that you will have the space available and will appreciate you highlighting that even though they usually come in once every 6 weeks, 6 weeks from now you will be on holiday (remember, the one you were desperate to talk about earlier?!) so they should book for 5 or 7 weeks….

So, as you can see, these 5 easy steps can ensure your first impressions are memorable and set you apart. As they say, ‘go the extra mile, it’s never crowded’!

ps. If you have any great ideas or have seen anything that transformed an average experience to awesome, please share - we’d love to hear!

Why should people support small business owners?

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Salon Studios are focussed on helping small business owners get up and running without the normal hassles associated with opening a business. We believe everybody should be empowered to follow their dreams and here’s why we believe small business owners should be the preferred choice for consumers:

  1. Not only are you supporting a small business owner, but you are also supporting the community they operate in. If somebody has chosen to launch their business in your neighbourhood you can tell they want the area to thrive. By supporting the local business you are also putting money back into the community. This makes it special and is a good enough reason on it’s own to support small! Why would you not want to help your community thrive?

  2. You know with a small business that the owner has touched everything. The business is not run by a board or is trying to keep shareholders happy. More often than not the owner is involved in the day to day running of the business and not only listens to but also cares about their customer and want to ensure they are happy. These business are mainly relationship based and will also change based on your feedback - at speed!

  3. Small businesses are the foundation of entrepreneurship. These people have been brave enough to take a step, stick their neck out, put on their big boy/girl pants and take a huge risk. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes in to stepping away from the security of a paycheck and starting out on your own. This alone deserves recognition!

  4. Personalised, superior service. Small businesses don’t see their clients and customers as a number. They value them as they contribute to their bottom line and cash flow.

  5. You are helping real people improve their lives! Also the appreciation and service they offer you will improve yours!

What is a Salon Studio anyway?

Salon Studios are a completely new concept to the UK. You are already familiar with the current options for hair & beauty pros:

  1. rent a chair in somebody else’s salon & either split the commission or pay a daily rate. With this model you are working under somebody elses brand, using their product and working in their environment (and hours)

  2. freelance - you are jumping in and out of the car, running around town, dealing with traffic, etc, etc and heaven forbid you turn up without one of your important tools/colours….

Salon Studios give you the best of all worlds. For the same price as renting a chair in a central location, we give you a pre-furnished mini-salon that is kitted out and ready for you to move in to! Not only that but we give you all the support you need to run your own business.

Depending on the location, in each Salon Studio you will find from 6-24 independent hair & beauty professionals all running their business under one roof.

What's Inside?

Salon Studios provide you with beautiful, customizable move-in-ready studios. We are BIG on the environment and want to provide a stylish and warm welcoming place for you and your clients to use. Our Salons come in a variety of layouts for all types of beauty professionals, including hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, and makeup artists!

  • Amenities include high-end cabinetry, comfy client chairs, sinks, a shampoo bowl, retail shelving, oversized mirrors, cabinets and drawers, and so much more!

  • Floor-to-ceiling walls with sliding glass doors.

  • We take care of the maintenance and dirty work so you have one less thing to worry about

  • With a fixed weekly payment, you can manage costs with a wide range of amenities, utilities, and WiFi - all included!

Take a look at the gallery to see our Salons slowly coming together!

Brow bar Edinburgh

They say that beautiful brows frame your face and something I am seriously considering is brow microblading. I’ve done all the brow trends - thick, thin, high curve, etc (ok, I have not done the slug brow and don’t think I ever will) but having seen the benefits of microblading on people like Trinny Woodall, I do see the benefits in having some shape added and a few of the missing hairs filled (which seems to be another wonderful benefit of getting older :-) ) . Micro-blading is the semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural, and could be be the hassle-free solution to spending hours pencilling in your eyebrows - what’s not to love about this?!

As our enquiries start coming in for the Salons we are seeing hairdressers as the majority (which we expected) but we’re hoping that soon we will hear from brow specialists and in particular micro-blading. We have a couple of Salons that are earmarked for a brow/lash bar/facialist/nails or botox. Let us know if you are interested!

How do Salon Studios work? Is it really better than hair or beauty chair rental?

There has never been a better time for people to set up their own hair or beauty salon. The benefits of being your own boss are well documented and it is a dream that so many people aspire to. When we first discovered the Salon Studio concept in USA we found a community of happy, engaged and motivated professionals who were all managing their own hours, their own environment, their own product and working with happy clients. We see this as a real win-win for the Salon owner and their client.

There are a number of clients who enjoy the privacy and dedicated service that they receive when visiting their hairdresser, lash or brow specialist, etc at their own salon. Maybe they just like the peace and quiet and knowing they don’t have to talk or maybe they are more comfortable with nobody else seeing them… for many reasons it’s really a luxury to have this dedicate service and space and all at an affordable price.

Our salon refurbishments are now underway - curious to see how it looks and would like to know more? Contact us for a confidential chat!

Hairdresser chair Edinburgh

Salon Studios

Starting to take shape…

What's your Ikigai?

Not only is this a great word but the meaning is even better! In Japan this is known as the ‘reason for being’ or ‘things that you live for’. It’s a word that we’ve thought a lot about at Salon Studios. If you research it you will see there are many books and articles online about what makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Without a doubt, our Ikigai is getting this business off the ground! As we are finalising the layout and design of our first location, there’s a lot to think about. We are so excited by the response we are receiving (from those people that know the plans we have - not many!) and how much potential this business has to change peoples lives our Ikigai has never been so strong!

As any business does, we are sure we are going to learn a lot during this exciting adventure that lies ahead. As our salon owners will do over the coming months, we have to think about how we are going to promote the salons to support our owners as much as we can - what our marketing strategy is, how we will approach our social media campaigns, where best to spend our money and how to ensure our customers (salon owners) are happy.

We’ve done our research (we’ve been researching this for years to be honest!) and we know that for those who are already in salons in Canada, USA & Brazil, they love the freedom and independence of salon ownership, they feel empowered by running their own business and the flexibility and freedom that comes with that. Why rent a chair when you can rent a salon?

What our main driving force is our #1 goal - we aim to put more women in business than any other business in the UK. These are big goals that we have and we believe if we put our mind to it, we can achieve it. The hair and beauty industry in the UK is continuing to grow and in the last #beautifulbritain report, it was stated that there are 500,000 freelance hair and beauty professionals in the UK. The beauty of our model is that this can work for anybody - hairdressers, nail technicians, barbers, sports therapist, microblading, eyelashes and more… nothing is out of the question.

Whoever joins us can be assured they will be in business for themselves, not by themselves - we will be there to help as much or as little as they need - their success is our success and that is our ikigai. What’s yours? Is it time you started your own salon? Have you lost your ikigai and want to get it back? Ready to be your own boss? We would love to hear from you!

Looking to rent a chair in Edinburgh? Consider this....

For the same price as a chair, you can have your own Salon! We are delighted to introduce a new concept to the capital city - run your own salon for the same price you would pay to rent a chair in Edinburgh.

The Salon Studio models offers the benefits of chair rental and more. Consider this: the freedom of your own hours, your own products, your own ambience and you keep 100% of the money. Your clients can enjoy the exclusivity of privacy and your stunning environment.

Our first location in Corstorphine opens in Edinburgh late spring 2019 and we are now taking applications. We plan to move fast and are already on the lookout for salons number 2 and 3. We are very excited about this as each location will put between 6 - 24 beauty professionals into the wonderful world of working for yourself!