How do Salon Studios work? Is it really better than hair or beauty chair rental?

There has never been a better time for people to set up their own hair or beauty salon. The benefits of being your own boss are well documented and it is a dream that so many people aspire to. When we first discovered the Salon Studio concept in USA we found a community of happy, engaged and motivated professionals who were all managing their own hours, their own environment, their own product and working with happy clients. We see this as a real win-win for the Salon owner and their client.

There are a number of clients who enjoy the privacy and dedicated service that they receive when visiting their hairdresser, lash or brow specialist, etc at their own salon. Maybe they just like the peace and quiet and knowing they don’t have to talk or maybe they are more comfortable with nobody else seeing them… for many reasons it’s really a luxury to have this dedicate service and space and all at an affordable price.

Our salon refurbishments are now underway - curious to see how it looks and would like to know more? Contact us for a confidential chat!

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Salon Studios

Starting to take shape…