What's your Ikigai?

Not only is this a great word but the meaning is even better! In Japan this is known as the ‘reason for being’ or ‘things that you live for’. It’s a word that we’ve thought a lot about at Salon Studios. If you research it you will see there are many books and articles online about what makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Without a doubt, our Ikigai is getting this business off the ground! As we are finalising the layout and design of our first location, there’s a lot to think about. We are so excited by the response we are receiving (from those people that know the plans we have - not many!) and how much potential this business has to change peoples lives our Ikigai has never been so strong!

As any business does, we are sure we are going to learn a lot during this exciting adventure that lies ahead. As our salon owners will do over the coming months, we have to think about how we are going to promote the salons to support our owners as much as we can - what our marketing strategy is, how we will approach our social media campaigns, where best to spend our money and how to ensure our customers (salon owners) are happy.

We’ve done our research (we’ve been researching this for years to be honest!) and we know that for those who are already in salons in Canada, USA & Brazil, they love the freedom and independence of salon ownership, they feel empowered by running their own business and the flexibility and freedom that comes with that. Why rent a chair when you can rent a salon?

What our main driving force is our #1 goal - we aim to put more women in business than any other business in the UK. These are big goals that we have and we believe if we put our mind to it, we can achieve it. The hair and beauty industry in the UK is continuing to grow and in the last #beautifulbritain report, it was stated that there are 500,000 freelance hair and beauty professionals in the UK. The beauty of our model is that this can work for anybody - hairdressers, nail technicians, barbers, sports therapist, microblading, eyelashes and more… nothing is out of the question.

Whoever joins us can be assured they will be in business for themselves, not by themselves - we will be there to help as much or as little as they need - their success is our success and that is our ikigai. What’s yours? Is it time you started your own salon? Have you lost your ikigai and want to get it back? Ready to be your own boss? We would love to hear from you!