5 apps to take your Instagram to the next level!

Image above created by ‘Photogrid’

Image above created by ‘Photogrid’

Over the last few weeks quite a few people have been in touch asking which apps we use for instagram - stories and posts. It’s great that you notice we are taking time over this and we are still learning (there are sooooo many to choose from!) but here are the top 5 apps that we use to design and plan our Insta feed…

  1. Canva - cost $12.95 per month

    This really is one app that we could not do without! Canva is a go-to design app, they offer so much for a flat rate of $12.95 per month - templates for design requirement you could possibly have - whether it is a straightforward insta post or story, instagram highlights cover, a facebook cover, a logo, A4 flyers, presentation designs and so much more. You can use the fonts that they provide or easily import fonts that you bought separately, as we did with our ‘HELLO BEAUTIFUL’ brand font and ‘LEMON MILK’ logo font.

    They also provide an extensive catalogue of photography, a huge amount of which is free or you can pay $1 for something a little more unique. We really don’t know where we would be without Canva - it’s the bomb!

  2. Plann - cost $19 per month

    Plann is a tool that we use to set up our instagram posts (which we generally do 10 days in advance as it just gives us one less thing to think about on a daily basis!). It offers so much more than what we actually use, but we use the scheduling tool (which pops up on your phone with a reminder that it is time to post and you simply copy and paste into instagram). The scheduling tool also enables you to see what your grid is going to look like. There are great colour options available to help you plan your strategy and it provides you with an easy way to set up your hashtag categories and tracks your best performing posts in terms of likes and engagement levels. Another great feature is the insight into when your followers are online and the best time to post - priceless!

  3. Hypetype - cost $4.99 per month

    This is our go-to app for text and music in our stories on instagram! You can adjust timing, add motion, lots of text and edit photos - it’s a lot of fun and really makes your instagram stories pop!

  4. Repost - cost - free

    Repost does exactly what you would expect - if sets up the format of a post that you want to share (as we know it is a requirement to credit the original poster of an instagram feed), so repost will add a credit in the image itself and make it easy for you to share the post and original caption!

  5. Photogrid - cost - free

    This is one of our favourite apps - photogrid takes an image and makes a grid across a number of images that you specify like the image below. We use the free version of this and really love the way it looks on our feed. It’s nice if you want to ‘draw a line in the sand’ and start a new style or make a very obvious separation between posts.

There are sooo many apps out there and we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg here with our knowledge! If there are any apps that you know and love, we’d love to hear about it!

Happy ‘gramming!!