Why should people support small business owners?

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Salon Studios are focussed on helping small business owners get up and running without the normal hassles associated with opening a business. We believe everybody should be empowered to follow their dreams and here’s why we believe small business owners should be the preferred choice for consumers:

  1. Not only are you supporting a small business owner, but you are also supporting the community they operate in. If somebody has chosen to launch their business in your neighbourhood you can tell they want the area to thrive. By supporting the local business you are also putting money back into the community. This makes it special and is a good enough reason on it’s own to support small! Why would you not want to help your community thrive?

  2. You know with a small business that the owner has touched everything. The business is not run by a board or is trying to keep shareholders happy. More often than not the owner is involved in the day to day running of the business and not only listens to but also cares about their customer and want to ensure they are happy. These business are mainly relationship based and will also change based on your feedback - at speed!

  3. Small businesses are the foundation of entrepreneurship. These people have been brave enough to take a step, stick their neck out, put on their big boy/girl pants and take a huge risk. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes in to stepping away from the security of a paycheck and starting out on your own. This alone deserves recognition!

  4. Personalised, superior service. Small businesses don’t see their clients and customers as a number. They value them as they contribute to their bottom line and cash flow.

  5. You are helping real people improve their lives! Also the appreciation and service they offer you will improve yours!