A hair salon at Salon Studios

(other colour options are available)


looking to rent a chair? consider a hair salon

Lots of people rent a chair but really want their own salon. Renting a chair means working somebody else’s hours in their salons with their rules. There are too many restrictions and not enough freedom. 

Or has your dream of running a salon turned into a nightmare? Lots of salon owners are fed up of unreliable staff - staff that don’t turn up for work or staff that don’t stay very long.  Salon Studios can get your mojo back and give you the time to focus on your clients.  And our salon owners love us for it! 

At Salon Studios we make it easy for you to have your own salon.  It costs the same price as your chair rental.  Enjoy the freedom of running your own salon and seeing your very own name above the door.  Get in touch to find out how easy it is to have your own salon and make your dreams come true. Every one of our studios has been designed with stylish, yet simple décor, and includes all the necessities you need to serve your clients while still allowing you the freedom to add personal touches and develop a studio reflective of your business brand.

Each salon provides stylish communal areas - waiting area, kitchen and complimentary wifi. There is ample car park space nearby to ensure your clients have a fantastic experience when visiting you.